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Identity Fraud A Tale of Truth Rotten Naughty Spoiled Children Th...
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Publish-date-icon September 14, 2011
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Identity Fraud A Tale of Truth

Rotten Naughty Spoiled Children

Their Dishonor on Blacks

Stolen Legacy Ashe: Forgotten, by the children of the sun is their long-standing heritage under the blazing heat of above. Migrations, climatic and environmental changes, as well as wars; these are the basic surroundings conditions or factors of distortion and dishonor on our identity. While the current global anti-social trend…we the children of the sun are view as vile creatures of little worth or value. When we have been raped, murdered, displaced, lied to, worst yet, all our identities have been stolen only to be substituted by the shackles of fakery. The customs we’re using are not our own. The names/titles many of us are using aren’t our own! The schools we are attending aren’t our own! The lives we are living aren’t our own! The rituals of burying our dead aren’t our own! The rituals of unions aren’t our! The holy-days of celebrations aren’t our own! The foods we are eating aren’t our own! The medicines many are taking aren’t our own! Wake up!! Certainly how can there be logic of civility and justice, when even the laws of the land does not represent our own? The liberty, the freedom, our knowledge once our own, they have all being twisted & eroded to the point that we don’t recognized that all the lands are our home.

Every single day we have/are being used in every which way to aid the enslavers, the identity thieves in their quest for greater social global dominance… it really and truly make no sense sometimes, the prevalent accepted abuses inflected by deranged beings. Witnessing the times, we often ponder would it be better had we not been born? Sometimes, we long for the calling to return to the other sphere of existing. Whereas, we are a transcendental void, belonging once again to the Cosmic Mother of all. However, within the momentary laps of certainty, we hear this calling to write, to expose our divine creative thought patterns of uniqueness, to share the visions of who what where when why and how in regards of the children of the black sun.

Correcting the lies: Anything that comes from black is lesser-black, that’s a fact. To those walking around with the social stigma as a classified white person, they are living a lie. A conditional lie in order to fostered their continual ignorant on the fact of truth. One super deranged idiot with stolen wealth and complex, even went so far as to state in his appeal for the English countryside; “he told reporters, Black people are all about inner-cities and ghettos, whilst [w]hite people are gentile and refined and it’s important our show [M]idsomer [M]urders focuses on that reality.” Funny too all the major cinematography of blockbuster profit and video games, they too are the same, their focus are about social serial killings and murdering as accepted patterns of living.

Sometimes stupidity should be left unanswered. However, in this case due to the compounding paradox of lies as well as the recent insurrection in the UK, along with the directness of the verbal bashings towards black people being released by governmental bodies, their controlled medias, their police force, which are really social mercenaries. It’s really funny as well disturbingly sick that a program about murdering is a displaying factor of refinement and blacks are to be blame for the institutionalized criminality. Especially, when the manufacturing of death is an industry own and operating not by blacks, but by those with the opprobrium of [w]hite. See the link on Global Arms Sales.

With creative insights: We see great humor in replying and adjusting the frequencies of thought by those suffering the afflictions of these stigmatic error program and error magic. The situation is dire for there is a purposeful ignorant/lacking of knowledge, concerning the magic of words. In brief, the dictionaries meanings on many of the words we are all using as words of utterance on our defining thought patterns. These dictionaries of now commonly usage were written by many such above mentioned ignorant and arrogant lesser-black beings with fear and hate on all that’s black. That’s why to this day and age, they’re still continuing applying and projecting their purposeful error programs and error magic of the stupidity of [w]hite supremacy as they live in fear of Blacks. Societally, a primary catalyst of hate is fear, thus many un-bridged dictionaries of old concerning un-fearing knowledge with wording wisdom of truth towards blacks became bridged dictionaries with reflected lies as new truth, for those suffering the complex of [w]hite stupidity.

As such, the striking features as it is for those suffering the neurological disorder of being white. Stemmed from their delusional lexicon of definitions, of which many beholding so proudly these programmed errors of abnormality on the word [w]hite: White/lie…the figuratively morally or spiritually pureness on the notion of [w]hite; as well as the innocent and untainted aspects of being [w]hite. Likewise, in their psychosis of sub-collective belonging, they denoting themselves as a human group having [w]hite-colored skin, which are chiefly used by those peoples of “neoeuropean” extraction.

These are all feel good definitions of “contradictionary” lies. Fact… on the color spectrum, the base colour of all hue/color is black. This is a fundamental knowing for all students studying fine arts painting. Also the base color on what’s perceived as light is black. This too is a fundamental for all students studying fine arts photography as they increase their knowledge on the spectrum of light. The same goes for other fields of science inquiring on the nature of light, such as astrophysics, astronomy and particulate matter/fine particles. To all the so-called [w]hite [s]upremacist, are you still in denial? Ok… Once again… Anything that comes from black is lesser-black that’s a fact. Did you get that? Lesser-BLACK. Stop calling evil white… evil is just evil, with no sight except the continuing of evil/death on their paternal and maternal blacks

To be or not to be English: In looking at what is Englishness, the notations one can substantiate; we all who are living in the United Kingdom and many outside, we are really living/suffering in an epoch of an extended Celtic-Romano-Germanic age, with emphasis on the Romano/Roman aspects of legality. Such is fact, that in our modern times, here is a fundamental criterion for anyone studying the English law system and holds aspiring desire to be a Notary Public. Do note, in acquiring this level of knowledge towards the laws of the land, or laws of the realm, there is a compulsory study program on Ancient Roman’s Law. Nevertheless, here is the kicker, that’s not being taught at any level of the English educational system…or any other institutions of learning both national and international. The Romans, their mythological gods and goddess of divination were all Blacks as well as the early Romans were black people. Or even the fact that the title of Holy See should be a Black Grand-Mother.

Just like the first Romans were black the same for those whom were later dubbed the Greeks. In fact the word Europe derived from a Greek mythology concerning a Black Womb-Man Deity, who was once known as Europa, however through the studies of human’s mythology she had many other names, one such name was Black Madonna. On a scholarly note, the seeds of the United Kingdom were the Black Britons as well as the seeds for the so-called [w]hite [E]uropeans are Black people.

Enough on sparing the rod: The ones who claiming that they are white, they are anti-social children, spawned by black people and many have become rotten naughty spoiled children. So we laugh when we hear others say the United Kingdom is not the home of blacks, or worst yet when other black people uttering the error magic, error program… a deconstruction of their being, by saying this is not our home. Point of fact: Nothing is truly new under the sun, and everywhere there is land, we as black people walked and lived on that land, as so everywhere there is land, it is our home. The Blacks of Europe were the first Slavs, Celts, Druids and many more.

Amen Ra: Such as, Blacks of much later date, who were labeled with the title of the Grimaldi…The First Homo-Sapien-Sapien in Europe. Their mtDNA lineages spawned those later be-known as Russians, Czechs, Slovaks Poles and many more, such as the Germanic tribes, of which the English monarch has always had standing membership through the mixing of our Royal bloodlines. Blacks did ruled Europe. Later on, a symbol of nobility: throughout Europe were the Moors; in fact the Moors were the symbol of blue blood, royalty. We were Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and beings of high distinctions. Now it’s accepted generally that black people had no presence in europe before the 1900, this period of great dishonor due to spirituality, thievery and kidnapping, which was religiously and politically reclassified as Slavery.

Beyond the middle-passage: So how did we get here, being the ritual target of bloodletting by the police, the mass media and the government? First lets us take a step back…way back in ancient times. One of the primary rituals in appeasing the life force of nature commonly used in mysticism and ritual of divine communion is the sacrament of the blood and those of the black animals were held with great esteem. Many of the lesser-black sailors of the neoeuropean maritime conquests of the sea had with them black navigators or pathway charts first prescribed by black cartographers whose forebears circumvented the lands and the water of the Earth many times before. Passing on/inherited was the ritual sacrificing of blacks.

That’s why often depicted in cinema of Hollywood ritual magic, the neurosis on black characters, as they are the first to die… shed blood in an offering to the Black Goddess of creative muse. Now in the mass media many of the black characters are now homosexuals. Not to worry, momentarily we will address that and the connection to the purpose error phonic of [s]pirit. By the way the Holly tree it’s sacred wood was used in making magical instruments like chalices, divining rod/dowser & magical sticks later be-known as *wizard or witch wands. Magic is all around us, the street signs and advertisements, they are charms and sigils, and even the logos of all the companies and corporations are the same. The uniform insignias on the police, solider, nurse; doctors and firefighters are the same, they are sigils and charms of magic. One of the most interesting one is the one in usage by all Space agencies around the world. *In essence: Wizard/Wise-male Witch/Wise-Female/Wise-Mother.

We not I as the pains, is widely felt: As we continue, remember we are still being use as sacrificial slaughter and remember nothing is new under the sun. Since blacks were/and in many cases still viewed as an animal by the global lesser-black ones in positions of power and so-called diplomatic immunity. On a medical font, at one point in time, in the soi-disant refinement of [w[hites, the brutality of the ignorant caste… for the plantations owned by criminal elites, the standing physicians for blacks were from the veterinarian society. See some of the account in the documentary, purposely wrongly titled “Goodbye Uncle Tom. Note the recounting of one Samuel A. Cartwright, a so-called member of the neoeuropean converted [j]ewish cult society. As he expressed the eugenic philosophy of the time, on those forced returning Colour/Black Africans to the America.

Social Status Un-be-known to most: This brew on the [j]ewish cult society descended from the converted russian germanic dutch cast-outs of Spain. They later went on to Brazil and for there onwards to Jamaica, then to America were the establishment of stolen wealth and smallpox genocide helped in the creation of New Amsterdam… later be-known as New York. Read more on [j]ewish pirates of the Caribbean, as well as those who control the trading of gold and precious metals. By the way Uncle Tom, he was a freedom fighter and not the lies and images portraying by recondition deranged brain. After knowing the truth, here is an agreeing thought and desire: “Uncle tom, is a martyr, who should be admired till the end of time.”

Across the water: Many of these neo-converted ones purposeful forgetting the stories of Queen Kahina a black jewess Queen of the Maghrib and many other such martyrs. However, they did remember the bloodline for consummation. Thus many of the kidnapped victims of the penal and breeding colony later identified as Jamaica. Some were actually descendant of the Akan/Ghana /“Hebrew” bloodlines. Hence Jamaica later became the accepted foundation for the new state of converted mixed-neo-european [j]ews. Ergo, in modern reciprocation those with the national identity of Jamaican does not required a visa to enter the new state of Israel on occupied land. However, as blacks we are to "never enjoy the fruits of office, but only suffer its pains and penalties. Such ideology stemming from the promulgated legal codes and ecclesiastical edicts of the Roman Empire under the thesis of Theodosian, which was enacted upon those converted neo-european [j]ews of the Byzantine Empire. Rewardingly, one of the only roles that helped in changing their social status was the covenant role as tax collectors. Helping too was the wishing greed of those in power to keep their ill-begotten wealth at cost of the common people.

Tax is a very powerful tool utilize by governments. Often those who controls as well as those who collects the tax, they normally have a better chance in rising to higher positions of governmental authorities or private networking cults, such as gold trading, money lending and banking. Therein after, the controlling of the wealth of the lands and the people, the land and nations becomes not a land of truth but a land of authorities on governing what the people think and the currency they use. It’s really an aging old con. For this programming system, in still in operation even to this day and age. However, this was not the case for the enduring municipality of African Rome, which was sacked and looted by the Vandals; who carried on the trend of the neoeuropeans engaged in the raping of “Africans.” The Vandals were alleged Germanic Gothic, Lost Tribes of Israel.

Also known as the wandering [j]ews, as most with strong [j]ewish ideology would say. Again there is great humor in knowing, for the word vandalism: meaning senseless destruction, phonically its root is derived from the anti-social patterns of these converted [j]ewish Vandals. When one read the senseless deaths and destruction for a psychotic dream on the establishment of Israel and the mythological delusional scope of a Zion, one would see a mirror image of the Vamdals anti-social living. At the time of the sacking of Rome by the Vandals, even within the disintegration of it’s society due pervious looters. Within the African Rome, there were many who lived there still. There were many Africans with sacred convictions. They were Black African Jews, They were Black African Christians and they were Black African Muslims as well as other Africans. In the city of African Rome they were living together and working together, the Vandals were at odds due to their approach on the doctrine of Arianism & the covenant of loyalty to the dogmas of Pope Leo I. Ensuing result, called for the repossessed/stealing of land and a Peace Treaty of marriage between the new Rome and converted [j]ewish Vandals.

Due to a long standing institutional hate rage towards blacks, the pledged of suffering continue, just like what they have being doing to our extended family in Haiti. See: Focus on Israel: Harvesting Haitian. Funny, while they all secretly using ritual magic of the “Africans/Black people.” On similar note of medical malpractice towards blacks were the eugenic programs of the Victorian era. Eugenic is a medical pseudoscience, which was stimulated by Francis Galton an English scientist. In which case his thoughts led to the global international planned parenthood network, which was first cheered on by an advocate for black sterilization Margaret Sanger. Also stimulated by Francis Galton eugenic philosophy was “The Carnegie Institution's 1928 Jamaica Race Crossing Project that introduced a race classification card, of which evolved into the SS card IBM used in Germany. The Jamaica Race Crossing Project was the first step in a global plan to wipe out all black people on earth.” Further in-dept knowledge is in the shared exposé on Ethnic Cleansing in Connecticut by Edwin Black. See link.

On another note of medical science: Imhotep…a true scientist and a child of the black Sun, he is recognized as a multi-genius by the neoeuropean’s academic books. Likewise, many scholars strongly viewed his medical works as the Father of Medicine. Though noted in their academic books of medicine and philosophy is the purposeful error program. Of which, Hippokrates/ Hippocrates of Cos/ Kos who lived ca 460 BCE to ca. 370 BCE is celebrated as the Father of Medicine...thus we have the Hippocratic Oath in his honor. While on the other hand, Imhotep who lived BCE 2655 to 2600 BCE. He only gets dishonor, in such Hollywood release like the Mummy as an evil villain. In the time spanned of who’s first, you do the math here, which came first? Even so, too many times in the discourse and dialogue on history, the inter-changing fashioned of thoughts deals with the concerning effects of the Father principles of governing. Hippocrates may be the father of modern western medicine, as well as Imhotep being the Father of ancient medicine.

Her-Story the true medical journey: In any and all events, the Mothers of Medicine (MOM) they were the first in caring for the sick, the dying and the expecting wombs. Subsequently, they were/are the Black Mothers of the Whole Wide World and they were the ones whom influenced both ancient and modern Medicines. They were even the first to intellectually invented the thought process of creating columns in aspects of structural engineering, by inverting palm trees then rendering it with mud in the construction of hus/hut dwellings healing then placing a band around it. Thereby at one point in thought these Black Mothers were called husband…. heh… deep huh… knowing self.

On this medical note, black womb-man created ancient universities and libraries of medicine, whereby they not only run it, they also taught medicine in addition to sharing knowledge of wisdom on medicine and life to all. See the works of Doctor Charles Finch, African Medicine and the concerning revealing connection to Mami Wata. Unsurprisingly, and we dare say, due to the global raising of homosexuality, this video documentary was on youtube, and as it so happen, it mysteriously disappeared. Not to worry others are streaming/sharing this extended knowledge on the Black Self. Keynote, humanity’s balance of civil social power, is when Mother Earth in a state of governing harmony of 95% female/mothers and 5% males/fathers as governing truth.

Before going any further: lets us take deeper look at the word government. In breaking this compound phonic, we will have the word govern, which means to rule or control, the next part would be ment, of which the first 3 letters are the most important factor. For these 3 letters or sigils for those who study aspects of magical inscription, they reflect the process of thought. This root stemming from the etymological romance “language” of the Catalans, which developed from the Vulgar Latin, which was also the primary pattern of speech for the middle classes in the Empire of Rome, whose citizen later was called Roman. Continuing on this thought pattern, the perceived thought shows; Man the thinker and Men… would means the “mind”. As well as stemming from the rooted Indo-European bridged language known as Sanskrit…Men means to think.

In essence governments are an entity acting as a private corporation whose members enjoying social grace as ruling bodies and custodians of the social contract. In so doing, they impose their will as new patterns of reality. The guidance of those in government is base on criminal thinking and the profitable market of wars and conflicts, thus the global general mass is being leading by the hands of criminality disguising as human’s liberty and freedom. As in the case of the illegal phone hacking by the UK government, the UK media and the UK police. After they completed the ritual murder of yet another black one, they further instigated social unrest of dishonor and then they employed drastic force of dominance. It’s a texts book strategy on population control, even down to the appalling new illegal legality on disproportionate sentences relating to social discontent about legal criminals in power of authorities.

Truthful realty: Democracy is an extension of feudalism and feudalism is an extension of imperialism, as well as all the current governing systems of government globally. The underline precepts and concepts are dictated by thesis/acceptance, anti-thesis/against and synthesis/composure. These are functionality base on the Hegelian philosophy…it’s a system that relies on deceptions as well as genocidal reactions & solutions to its self-inflected social problems, instigated and orchestrated by criminal elitism. Now many are truly awaken to the truth that we are indeed living on a prison planet. Now many are seeing the issues are not just about blacks or postal codes, what many are seeing now deals with basic truth on living, sadly many still sleeping.

The calm before the storm: The worst is yet to come, nationally and internationally, especially when dealing with many whom professionally and secretly would be viewed as clinically suffering happily and wealthy with sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies, whereas the lacking of conscience thoughts resulting in the destructive industries for wars and death as economical social profitable commodity that will increase their treasury. From within their psychopathic out cries, social mercenaries are deploy in order to continue the policing of order from chaos, whilst stimulating potential new sources of revenues, through such methods as verbal assaults, stops and searching, beatings, arresting and further murdering. Fact: government is not for the people… fact: government is all about controlling the people as a financial resource.

The secret is secret no more: Governmentally, on a national level tax and bills of debts are used in draining the life force, the natural resource of birth. While on an international level the economical hit men are first employed in stealing the natural resources and wealth from other Sovereign nations. Such is the case of the African States for years. When their desire of resentment is furthered, weapons of mass destruction and military might are utilized, along with media propaganda of support thesis and condemnations anti-thesis. Don’t be alarm many of the owners and operators of such media corporations are suffering and living with deranged conditional implants, mainly due to the afflictions of the Hegelian philosophy, which advocates sublation-ritual purification of master-slave dialectic, where logic like displacements serves a higher cultural/intellect are enforcing as values of truth.
We are all living this sick reality and we are all exposed to toxin of the criminal wealthy.

With regard to desire of resentments and weapons of mass destructions; a strong example of this as it relates to Africans stolen wealth and dishonor; are the South Africans, the Germanic/Dutch/British/so-called [j]ewish neoeuropeans and the gatling guns. By the way most don’t know, the taxation on the black South Africans wealth and natural resources, this anti-social pattern- was greatly due to the fact that South Africa was once the new state of Israel. Here’s a note on the further association of the neoeuropean death dealers using error programs as tools in the eradication of blacks as well as social identity. “It’s no secret any longer that for years the police in UK had adopted from training with the Israeli security forces a shoot-to-kill policy.”

Living thus far: As a social witness to life, we would say emphatically, true evil is established by the fostering institutions of governments and religions and by those who willfully confuse authority as the truth, while imposing unlawful judicial legality over the natural laws of nature. We so, resoundingly concur with the policies of boycotting, as well as the usage of any and all other creative orthodox or unorthodox methods for stimulating a lasting change of true peace and true justice. Not just for blacks but lesser-blacks too. For in the end of it all…the adjudgement on State’s sanction murders, our Mothers are crying, while our children, our youths are dying, physically and meta-physically by the savvy of global criminality operating as national governments. The only good will that comes from governments, are the willed trust fund inheritances left behind by those whom are in power, bequeath to their children and friends in support and continuation of the governmental ponzi scheme towards assisting the next cycle of their abusing criminality upon the common people. “Common people Common Law” Criminals in government use private laws.

A decline in life increase the dead: The world's birth rate is dropping, while black people are still having babies. … not much coverage of this on the mass media. We ponder why…. Not really. However, in spite of that, what we are all witnessing on the mass media are more and more programmed episodes on twisted fantasies of wars and confilcts, unnecessary violence as well as paranormal and UFO activities, vampiric and reptilian stupidity as well as so-called shows of reality. Mass media is now more frequently heavily laced with analsexuality.

We ponder is this a distracting purposeful preprogramming errors by governing releasing expressions emphasizing the next stage of living as they change from test tube babies to GMC babies…(Genetic Modified Clone Babies), with spirituality of analsexuality as the ecclesiastical core value of the new religion. Some going say we are crazy, yes…we would say to that. One; we all got to be a little crazy to be living in this insane world. Two: We do have a degree… an institutional certified degree to be creatively crazy in expressing the truth of art and life as we see. And three: When family members are systemically being killed, by imposing governing body of criminals using weapons of mass destruction and when justice becomes a lie… a prostitute for the wealthy…do tell…who would not be crazy?

Inserting position: In question about spirituality of homosexuality, we rather use this defining phonic analsexuality, it’s more of a particular sounding truth. Again we will say, nothing is new under the sun. Often times it’s just forgotten knowing on the pattern on what is perceived as the past. While at an art university, studying Greek philosophy, a notation concerning the rooted pattern of behaviors by the Athenian wealthy class of males living the joy of the Golden Age and it’s association to the phonic many now utter as spirit came to us. Shared by our lesser-black teacher, we must say, truthfully it was revealed, unintentionally.

On that…we’ll further state… some hear but don’t listen, while some listen but don’t hear and it’s very hard for the too few to both with constant disturbances. Still it was very delightful, a rediscovering of something new however very old. Anyway, the exchanged of thoughts by the professor were in regards to those considered to be the true citizen of Athens (they were the wealthy males) and their conclaves of togetherness, their social places of gathering without disturbance of the females.

Secret mysteries of the Athenians: Fostered by their anti-social isolations from the females the notion of enlightenment through sexual breathing became an “abnormalcy”. For the male Athenians, in reaching the gates of blissful thought, their pattern of behavior required an anal sexual bonding of two males and this behavior was so titled spiritus. Their disturbed philosophical reasoning was base on this prime: “Having sex with a female is the same constitution of consideration as when one is hungry.

When one is hungry one eat food in fulfillment of their appetite, since sex with the females were often times a ritual in producing heirs to their wealth as well as social and economical solidarity between elite bloodlines…the “abnormalcy of analsexuality was more appealing. Ergo when a male is on the path of enlightenment, the pattern of sexual breathing that’s required is with another male and the error magic error program used in expressing this new ideal was coined spiritus.

As a result of the exposing rituals of so–called secret societies, like the skull and bones, many are now aware of this pattern by the criminal wealthy, however few knew the connection to the word spirit and homosexuality/analsexuality. In further studies about the neoeuropean’s supposedly 12th 14th and 17th centuries Medieval Art Renaissance… the revival of art by the wealthy germanic engineers, scholars, artists, musicians and poets. Their revival expressions not only included fine art of colors from Italy. Their resurgence also included the linguistic competence on Latin. Of which influenced the cultural and artistic movement of 16th century English Renaissance and such word like spiritus changed to spirit. The public at large the mass illiterate and slaves/kidnapped victims were later subjected to this implanted associated concept of spirit as it relates to the breath of gott, the Germanic phonic for god.

Incidentally, the real goal and mission of the neoeuropean’s renaissances was the whitewashing of the refined African Arts that were prominent throughout the African Europe. Many modern scholars as well as scholars of the ancient world knew/know this to be true, to keep their job the lie must continue and those who speak out are silence or regarded as an heresy…sometime both. As in the case of Auris, a black man from Libya living in Kmt/Egypt because he objected to [j]esus christ as a false [w]hite idol created by unholy-men who brought forth the Nicene Creed. This is how sad the situation is, Toyota have being using the name Auris as a brand model, yet many blacks and lesser-blacks have no idea on who Auris was and how significant his discontent were in the challenged of the then growing ecclesiastical criminality.

Also taken from black people is the symbolic gesture of the skull and bones, it was twisted by those rebelling against the Crowns and their abusing criminality. These few were later called the buccaneers and the symbol of their accession from governmental abuse was known as the Jolly Roger. In the catacombs of the African Rome, the early Christians associated the skull and bones in reverence to their ancient ways as a meaning on accession. In persecutions and in secret from the governing authorities of evil, they placed the symbol of the skull and bones as a marking distinction of a christians burial. Those who later be-known as buccaneer, the lucky few, escaping the tyranny of unlawful legality, often they saw this symbolic distinction for accession as they utilized the catacombs in their bid for freedom. Later those in modern rituals of anal male bonding incorporated the skull and bones to mean their accession over the common people. All throughout antiquity the funerary arts of black people shows this symbolic gesture of accession. One of the most famous one, is that of “the boy king” Tutankhamun.

Life is Art and Art is Life: In the studies of art one question we like to ask all the students we encountered. What are humans/humanity’s oldest patterns of art? Most never fully realized they knew the answer, they had only forgotten it, so when given the basic hints or revealed the answering thoughts to be Rock Arts, agreeing acknowledgement are expressed. In further sharing, on the directional knowing in regards to ancient arts, some of the oldest Rock Arts are in India, Western Australia and the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Amazing is it not? In regards to life’s treasuring arts, this vast contribution to the intellectual development likewise pursuing understanding as well as appreciation on art and humanity, it all came from areas where black people have lived before time begun.
Addressing the insulting interpretations: Then we pointed out the truth again, yet some are still living by the notions that blacks are not human and we are wild beast. And the only places befitting for us are the ghettos, prison cells or a hole in the ground. Socially very sad for seems like we are still living in the Dark Ages. We would like to make an emphasis…by now we should all realized… that some beasts wears suits and tie, some beasts wear the best disguises, some even with a religious plastic smile, while some beasts stay from very high, often with governmental or royalty as pride. However, the beast of beasts most often fear are the gangs of human beasts, residing in the networking corporation, functioning as legal criminals, these selected contract killers, they are the governmental national social mercenaries and are otherwise known as police officers. With authority, they have committed and continue to commit acts of evil/death for increasing honors and payments. Once and long ago, they were truly a social institution that was when they were called policeman, now these polices are just a social corrupted tool.

An old proverb: “When the leaders are corrupt, so too will the people be corrupt.”
Here is another one, empires rise and empires fall…these are truth, having said that here is an extension. When truth is further eroded by illusions and delusions of lies and these lies become accepted patterns of truth, then we should all agree, we are living in a spiraling chaos with one resulting out come. Prevention better than cure grandma usually say, since those in power are addicted to hate and pain as well as the profit of wars and conflicts, their neurological disorder prevents them from addressing the real issues of civil preventions, much less foresights on cures on societal strives.

Humorous fools painful smiles: As for those idiots that are still living with the error programs and error magic; on that Blacks are not refined and blacks are beasts that only foster habitation in ghettos and inner-cities. The concepts and precepts of Sovereignty as well as the refinement of true Royalty, when one does the research one will read this ideology likewise theology… this dream first became a conscious reality of thought by Blacks and thus was later spread and to all and corrupted by all who are now governing with their illusions of fake royalty and governments of criminality. In the purposeful captivity of the inner-cities and ghettos, many Blacks have forgotten their truth, that Blacks had great cities, some twice and four time the size of London, and all socially operating without the need or desire for polices. Police was created out of fear on the lost of wealth by the criminal elites, in the cases of the English Crown, often times it was against the fear of “night walkers”. When we as a people start living without fears and social stress, then the greater rewards will be given towards the greater ideals of humanity and only then we can emancipate self from deranged tyranny fronting as righteous governmental leaders.

Special note: Error Program and Error Magic? Too often when exchanging patterns of thoughts, as we listen to the utterance returning to our brain/the living computer. We noticed a pattern in the expressions of social criticism, due to the fact that many of us are living with damaged brain, our self-included. When engaging with other damaged brains, the precepts and the concepts of rights and wrongs should be omitted, because they can enflamed those with super damaged brain patterns. Remember the brain is a living computer, like this computer we are using for typing, when a fault of logic is presented, the message that follow is ERROR… not right or wrong. Sometimes one can work around the errors. However, at time when it manifested beyond control the logic circuit will fry. As in the cases of those heavily damaged human brains incorporated with error programs. Too often the responding patterns from those deranged brains are the processing logic of the flight or fight syndrome. As for Error Magic, first lets say, we can all agree, that the essence on who we are as living being, as humans…that itself is magical. Ok lets continue, in being magical beings, we are all taught magic from a very young age. First from our parents and then from the educational corporations called schools twisting us we [w]hite lies. While in these institutions the invocations and inscriptions of magic are taught by mastering sounds and letters. And in the correctness of word sounds and letter we are further taught to chant by SPELLING.

Treasure of Thieves Open Sesame: In basic magic101…every time when we as humans are speaking, we are uttering magic and spells of commands. In order to keep the population in a constant strives with self and neighbour, error magic is use as a tool of confusion. A strong reference many can associate to this pattern, it’s the allegory on the Tower of Babel, when we as one humans no longer understand each other, due to the processing error of speech. Error Program and Error Magic, these are tools of social construct in “dumbing” down the intellect of the people.

Culture is intellect- intellect is culture: In notable regards to the usage of the word “WE” instead of “I”. I is the Roman numeral for one, as well as a philosophical implanted error on what is dubbed the psychic apparatus of self-consciousness. We the many who are viewed as slaves, the bottom feeders, the useless eaters, by the criminal elites and their social error programs of education and policing. We are all taught the usage of ‘I” in regards to singular and the usage of “we’ is in regards to plural. At the same time religiously, we are taught aspects of divinity.

In this pattern of taught program concerning divinity, the knowledge shared reflects this thought by many scholars. The physical body is one entity, while the essence of energy that resided in the body/the shell is another entity… thus as living beings we are of duality not a singularity. As so those with so-called distinctions of royalty, they apply this knowing daily. Hence, here is one of the dictionary definitions for the phonic we. “We… is used in formal contexts for or by a royal person.” Additionally, we is also used by a writer/scribe or editor, to refer to him-self or her-self.” As such: In the epiphany/awareness of our being we no longer use the phonic/word “I’ in regards to or representation of self/being/entity, instead the word/phonic ‘WE” is utilize as proper sense.

Rise up family: For those who managed to read through this really long social criticism and are finally at this last stage of our creative sharing. We say Ashia Hotep Muri…. Well done and Thank You, for your time as well as the lending of your ear. Needless to say, some will follow with their illogical criticism of their own. Some will be quick to shout stupidity and cry crocodile tears. Some will say we are anti-Semitic and we hate the [j]ewish race. While others will say, we are homophobic and anti-government as well as anti-religion. Well… the truth is for those last two and they surely might be spot on…. Hehehehehe… Big smile.

Certainly, for any social civil scientist walking the path of truth and self-discovery it is their duty and responsibility to address the accountability of their visions. And from the visions we have witnessed. The truth on governments and religions is…they are evil…they are two sides of the same coin. Evil is the association of death, and surely we all know about the religious wars, the false flag operations and the wars instituted by governments uttering lies about weapons of mass destructions, while they themselves in Union of governments used and continue to use weapons of mass destruction as policy of senseless killings, rapes, robberies, systematic genocide as they steal the natural resources from others.

Sovereigns Speak in Truth: So yes to those two…we/this body and this life force are anti-government as well as anti-religion. By the way, science is the study of life and all who study the patterns of life are scientist. In the epoch of neoeuropean’s Golden Age, before any artists were permitted to paint they had to study all the fundamental of science, such as physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, astrology and so forth, at the panicle of their learning they would be often called a Renaissance men. All these achievements were an emulating pattern on the refinement of the ancient black people of Africa. Case in point…again we will mention Imhotep or Imouthes, his name meant "the one who comes in peace" and he was an African polymath a true Renaissance man of the Blackland, also known as Egypt/Kmt. He was thought to be a mythological figure because of his Greatness. He was a poet, an architect, a doctor, a scribe, a high priest a sage, an astrologer, a vizier, the chief minister, the chief sculptor and chief carpenter. His life was so Great Great Great, that in our society of lies his blackness is never mentioned in the modern institutions of learning.

To hate will damage your inside: On the other hand, about the stupidity of anti- Semitic and we hate the [j]ewish race, or we are homophobic. One… factual… there is no such thing as [j]ewish race, in further truth, there is no such thing as human race… unless we at a sport event watching a competition. The implied of race: its truthful origin… as a denoting factor on a group with common features…broad nose, thick lips, black and oily skin…does this sound familiar? As these ideologies and theories concerning you know whom? These defining qualities were ancestral denotations of early 16th Century by the French and Italians, who then coined the phonic Razza. Eugenically, anthropologists and physiologists of the 19th Century applied the phonic Race as updated inscription of classification.

We Did the Homework: Two…the words [j]ew/[j]ewish as well as anti-Semitic, these are further conditional lie in order to foster a continual ignorant on the fact of truth. [J]ew/[J]ewish…there were no such phonic lettering in ancient antiquity of black people. For the letter ‘J” was invented some scholars attributed it to the 11th Century however, later on in time it was still unknown until the 14th Century. In the further bursting of their brain-dirty bubbles, here is a bit more on the ignorant/lacking of knowledge concerning the scholarship of Semitic. Linguistically, Semitic…is a known denotation on a speech classification, as well as the earliest groups of humans using this linguistic pattern of phonic…they were all black people. In fact, the association of Semitic being [w]hite came by way of the deranged Julius Oppert. He was born July 9, 1825, died August 21, 1905. His nationality of identity: French-German, he was born in Hamburg Germany of [J]ewish parents. On further discourse about Semites… like the word Egyptian and Ethiopia these are inventions of incisions placed on the full-Black beings, who had many titles of names. Such as Khemtian, Nagas, Aryain, Great Negro, Kushite, African, Blacks, Elamites, Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrian, Chaldean, Sag-gig-ga, Shang, Auni and many many more. Note many of these titles were before the birth or the concepts and precepts of the illusions called [j]ew or the notions of [w]hiteness.

As we continue: The word black, some have a strong objections to this phonic, which is often due to their limited level on knowing self, as well as the derogatory anti-social attitudes from those super derange brain with the silly notion of {w]hite. We are Black and we are Proud, our Blackness is Divine, naturally only we Blacks can sustain a full charged from the Black Sun, anyone else and they will start cook. In the land of Kmt…later be-known as Egypt, seasonally when the bank of the Nile, released her fertile soot, the distinction of labeling was black… thus the Great Empire of Kmt was once known as the Blackland. Also a noted inscription for what is black…was a charcoal.

The Great Great Great Negro: In mastering the understanding elemental of chemistry, the basic compound of the universe was known to be carbon and just as it was thousands of years ago, it’s basic is the same as today… Black. Oh by the way, the phonic Chem from chemistry, it actually means black and the word Chemistry itself really means the ‘Ministry of Black” or the “mysteries of black” From the known we discovered the unknown. Black is the known every thing came from the known, from the blackness of thy Mother’s womb we are all born.

No sex no life no woman no babies. On the homophobic stupidity…homo means man… and phobic is an adjective corresponding to the noun phobia, which in basic means an irrational fear to something. Social analytical discontents should never be misconstrued for fear, that’s further displaying on ignorant and arrogant. For those who want to engage in anal pleasure and continue to forget about the joys and power of the Mothers and Womb-man, go ahead. We will never advocate killing as a solution, not in this case, what we are advocating, is the social error as well as the unnatural life style error, which have been programmed on a large scale into frame works of society ages ago. Like the Hollywood movie the Matrix, all across the global we heard the catch phrase, “unplugged from the matrix.”

None ever stopped to figure out what does the Matrix really means. In doing we discovered its associated origin. Which is from late Middle English and in the sense meant Womb. It also derived from the phonic Mater, Matr- and Mother and from its Latin referral it mean a “breeding female.” Ok now… so how do we unplug from a breeding woman or how do we unplugged from the Matrix… from our Mothers? We have already mentioned the prospective on that insult. However, the insult of that Hollywood blockbuster was even funnier, for the lead character keanu reeves, he himself is in the fellowship of analsexuality, so much so that he is now married to another male. Those in Hollywood are really stepping up the tradition of the male citizens of ancient Athens.

The Paradox Agreeing to disagree: Yes in dialectic reasoning, we accept the notion that unnatural is a side effect of the Natural Laws, of which also governs our reality. However, in researching of ancient Athens, this was noted, because of the rampage of analsexuality and the debased derangement of spiritus, the birth rate of ancient Athens was very, very, very low. Thusly, institutionally, governmentally religiously creeds were established, whereas males had to marry a female and produced children to ensure the future of that society. Now back to our modern times: more and more of our children/youths are being murdered, used as sacrificial slaughter, legally and unlawfully.

In conclusion: While systematical sequences of events are enforcing greater abandonment of the Common and Natural Laws of the Universe. That’s why it’s so easy to be distracted with mass-media tel-lie-vision, carnivals, and loud-music, drinking and sporting events as we lose the focus of the prize and embrace the propaganda of self-mutilation. Truly, when we don’t know the patterns of the past we are immensely doom to repeat it, worst someone else repeats these errors on us in a draconian pattern of evil. Is it not time to wake the living dead? Arise and begin the process of accession by start knowing your Truth of Self. An ending proverb: From the unknown we discover the known…Ashia.

Written by Prof. NkwNgr 2011 UK.




Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All

Mantra: Desire We-Magi-Nation Achieve Success Wealth & Happiness

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Jus Cogens Erga Omnes.... Self-determination flowing to All

Mantra: Desire We-Magi-Nation Achieve Success Wealth & Happiness

Our Desire Thesis is life’s Scholarships and the Creative Arts. Our Desire Anti-thesis is the Motions of Errors. While our Desire Synthesis is Watch Listen and Know the Patterns of Errors

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